Our Story

Over the course of a year, two very close friends became very ill, and another struggled through a difficult divorce. Watching them go through this challenging time, I saw how it affected not only them but also their families.  I wanted to express my concern and support in a way that would be unique, meaningful and lasting;  something I could send them that would calm their crazy and let them know I’m thinking about them.

When one friend said, “I’m going to fight this”, I instantly imagined boxing gloves. Once I had the boxing gloves in my head, they never left. Boxing gloves would deliver the exact message I wanted to send. “I’m in your corner” and “keep up the good fight”. I spent a good deal of time searching for this product and found it didn’t exist in the way I envisioned.

Holding Hands and Gloves

The concept stayed with me.  I kept turning the idea over in my head, that boxing gloves are the perfect gift of encouragement for so many of life’s challenges.  In the beginning, I thought of it as a message for loved ones with illnesses, but as months passed, I realized even life's challenges such as college or divorce could use a message of support. Even as a friend passed, I thought the gloves would be a symbol of the fight his family fought together until the very end.

Initially, it wasn’t my plan to start a business, I felt compelled to follow my heart. Everyday there is someone new that I could send this special message. After several years of hard work and loving support from family and friends – Gloves Up became a reality.

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